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Vinyl Inspection Arrows, RoHS Compliant
Vinyl Inspection Arrows, or Identification Arrows, can be permanently affixed or removed without leaving any residue. Inspection Arrows are color coded to identify problem areas on a circuit board or any other equipment. Inspection Arrows point directly to the areas requiring action on PC Boards. You can use them on any clean or dry surface. Color coded inspection arrows are available in Vinyl material. They are packaged as 1000 arrows per roll in a 3" core.

    • Flagging
    • Identification
    • Quality Control Inspection
    • Production Assembly Drawings
    • Repair
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
20ZV-Red 1/8"HX3/16"L Red Vinyl Inspection Arrows (10 rolls) $55.00
20ZV-Yellow 1/8"HX3/16"L Yellow Vinyl Inspection Arrows (10 rolls) $55.00
30ZV-Red 3/16"HX1/4"L Red Vinyl Inspection Arrows (10 rolls) $58.00
30ZV-Yellow 3/16"HX1/4"L Yellow Vinyl Inspection Arrows (10 rolls) $58.00